A delegation from the African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA), led by its president, Mr Solueyman Traore, recently visited the African Union and held talks with the Director of Infrastructure and Energy African Union, Mr. Cheikh Bedda, on possible cooperation with African Union and affiliation of ARMFA to the Union as specialized Agency.

ARMFA is a non-political and non-governmental association established in 2003 in Liberville, Gabon and has 35 member countries, who have Road Funds. The Association was formed to promote sustainable and dependable Road transport in Africa. The visit of the delegation to African Union, Primary concerned with issues related to the Association’s application submitted few years back, for acquiring recognition as specialized Agency of African Union. The President Mr.Solueyman Troare retreated the fact that ARMFA has been at the forefront in driving the agenda of providing well maintained and dependable Road Infrastructure and Road safety measures in Africa. For decades ARMFA members have generated billions of dollars from Road users and applied them on Road maintenance and Road safety related activities that have played pivotal roles in speeding up the implementation of different poverty alleviation driven projects.

However, some members of the Association have encountered lack of adequate finance because of lack of political commitment and awareness on the importance of Road Asset Preservation by their respective countries. ARMFA is now seeking the support of African Union, in promoting the importance of Road Asset management and Road safety measures in Africa.

Mr. Cheikh Bedda welcomed the team and acknowledged the contribution of Road Funds in financing Road infrastructure and Road safety projects in Africa. He highlighted that Road Funds will continue to be key players in the implementation of programs for Infrastructural Development in Africa (PIDA). He appreciated the role ARMFA in serving as experience and knowledge sharing platform that is backstopping Road Funds to share and scale up successful practices in Road Fund Management and its judicious application for improving Road infrastructure and Road safety measures. He further admired the Association and its members for their commitment and dedication in realizing Agenda 2063 through provision of well maintained road infrastructure. Besides the director urged the President to widen the scope of ARMFA In capitalizing the efforts of addressing the road safety challenges encountering African countries, in conclusion he assured the president that AU will do its level best in finalizing ARMFA’s request to be recognized as a specialized agency of the union, which will hopefully envisaged to be concluded as soon as the ongoing AU reforms are being finalized. Both parties agreed to form an ad hoc joint committee that will work on the road map of would be joint projects that will serve as springboard for future cooperation.

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