Eastern African Focal Group of ARMFA Elected New Chairman

The Afican Road Maintenance Funds Association Eastern Africa Focal Group Elected new chairperson during its meeting hosted by Brundi Road Fund, in Bujumbura from June 20th to 23rd 2018. Accordingly , Eng.Bosco NSABUMUREMYI who is the CEO of Brundi Road Funds was unanimously voted to lead the Eastern African Focal Group replacing Eng.Jacob Ruwa who is the CEO of Kenyan Roads Board, who was elected as ARMFA 1st Vice President during  the 16th Annual General Assembly meeting of ARMFA, held in February 2018 in Addis Abeba Ethiopia.

The East African Focal Group members expressed their best wishes for the newly elected Chairperson Eng. Bosco NSABUMUREMYI and urged members to be committed to the African Road Maintenance Funds Association and work diligently to realize innovative financing of Road Maintenance Funds for the respective Road Funds in Africa.

The Eastern African Focal Group meeting held in Bujumbura, included technical workshop, presentation of the decisions of ARMFA Executive committee meeting held in Madagascar and site visits to some Road Projects being financed by Brundi Road Funds.

The Eastern African Focal Group is a regional extension of ARMFA, 32 member countries continental experience sharing plat form for best practices in Road maintenance Funds Management in Africa.

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